You can now tell Instagram that a post is “Not Interesting.”


This social media app allows users to customize the algorithms that mark suggested posts as interesting or not (Image: Meta)

Instagram is cracking down on its recommendation algorithm, and a big part of it is letting users decide what kinds of posts they want to see more of.

This week, the social media giant announced that it is testing the ability to mark many posts as “not interested” in Explore plage.

“We will hide these posts immediately to avoid showing similar content in the future,” Meta said in a blog post.

This social media app gives users the option to modify the algorithm to indicate if they are interested in the suggested posts.

See the most recent posts from the accounts you follow, and Instagram will suggest posts when you go to your Instagram feed. These suggestions are based on the users you follow and the posts you interact with.

Suggestions are also based on the popularity of the post, how other Instagram users reacted to the post, when and where it was posted, and how many times the user engaged with that account in the last few weeks.

Earlier this year, the property platform meta Announced That I was planning to return chronological food.

To hide suggested posts on Instagram:


You can now notify Instagram when you “dislike” a post (Image: Meta)

On both Android and iPhone:

  • Tap the three dots above the post to select it. I am not interested on top of the post[x]You can also hide suggested posts by clicking
  • Like you Post is hidden You can stop showing similar suggested posts in your feed or delay all suggested posts in your feed for 30 days.

I give you Instagram too.”this post made me feel uncomfortable ‘ allows you to report events with one touch report Follow the instructions on the screen.

Your answers will be reflected in future offers in the channel.

The app will also begin testing the ability to tell Instagram that you don’t want to see suggested posts with certain words, phrases, or sentiments in captions or hashtags.

The company continues to test new features while battling against competitors for both content creators and consumers.

In July, we announced a new subscription service that allows creators to publish exclusive premium content that is only visible to their paying followers.

Source: Metro

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