Forget winter, this Swiss ski resort offers exciting activities year-round.


Grindelwald is a thrill-seeker’s paradise (Image: Grindelwald First / Jenny Forsythe)

As you hold on to the metal railings and turn around, you’ll be rewarded with a view of the mountains that can only be described as breathtaking.

I don’t know if the air is thin here at 6500ft, but standing on a platform that drops into the cavity from 150ft, you can see the huge drop below through a small hole in the floor.

Enjoy sweeping views of snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys, with paragliders below. No wonder my heart is pounding.

You are at the top of the exciting trail of the first Rock Walk (a small summit on the slopes of the Schwarzhorn mountain) in Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps. But that’s the thrill of being here.

This Jungfrau region has long been popular with skiers and climbers who wanted to conquer the infamous Eiger North Face, so Swiss engineers added all the toys to make it a playground for out-of-winter adventures as well.

                first rock hike

First Rock Walk is a spectacular way to see the Swiss Alps (Image: Grindelwald First)

HX016Y First, Cliff Walk, Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland, Europe

Height requires a head (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)

Jenny Forsythe visits the Swiss Alps to ride the subway

Well worth a visit (Image: Jenny Forsyth)

Encouragingly, the Cliff Walk is made possible in partnership with Swiss watchmaker Tissot through a £1.3m investment from Jungfrau Railways. I don’t know if it felt less “safe” in my hands than leisurely climbing a mountainside.

The 5-minute walk begins as a path that turns into a narrow metal path that includes a slightly curved suspension bridge over the chasm below. People with a fear of heights may find it excessive. I congratulate my courage until I pass a local woman on the street who casually walks her dog every day.

Fortunately, you no longer need to walk all day to see views like this. To climb the mountain, we took a gondola from Grindelwald. Recently, the town became even more famous by being named after JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts series.

Colorful sunset view of the Grindelwald valley in the countryside

This quaint mountain town is named after a character from the Fantastic Beasts series (Image: Getty Images)

                First Traveler Zipline

The first flying zipline is the fastest way back (Image: First Grindelwald)

And after a dizzying first adventure, you can keep your heart rate steady all the way down the mountain, starting with a very fast descent on the First Flyer Zipline. Always keeping security in mind (we’re in Switzerland), I’m stuck with 3 other people.

After a few minutes, you’ll get excited climbing the 2,600-foot-long metal cable. It may not top out at 52mph, but it’s fast.

For the next few miles, hop on your mountain bike, learn a quick braking lesson, and hit the trail. When you look up, you can see that wonderful view again. But it really got lost here.

There’s no way you want to slow down and enjoy the scenery when you can overtake your friends. A short walk from the end of the tram, take other transportation.

Grindelwald Trotti bicycle

A mountain car is another quick route to the canyon (Image: First Grindelwald)

Eiger Selfness Hotel

Guest House Eiger Selfness Hotel (Image: Courtesy)

This time the Swiss call it Trottibike. It is basically a cross between a bicycle and a scooter. This is another popular course for thrill seekers. Off the mountain road and through the town of Grindelwald.

All this activity whetted my appetite, although gravity is my main drive, here in Switzerland, cheese is the obvious choice to stave off hunger. This is a family hotel that prides itself on wellness with a large gym in the center of the building.

Walking into a bar-restaurant, among hordes of fitness enthusiasts, I feel guilty about the typical local fondue that left me with a broken heart.

Other great mountains of Grindelwald and their locations:



Just 15 minutes to the top (Image: Courtesy)

No visit to this region of the Bernese Alps is complete without a trip to Jungfrau. Now it’s easier than ever to travel with the new Eiger Express.

After builders weather the pandemic, gondolas launched in 2020 will take you up the north side to the Eiger Glacier Station in just 15 minutes. From there, transfer up the Jungfraub to Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest train station at 11,332 feet.

There are excellent views from the top of the Arech Glacier. The Jungfrau Travel Pass, which offers unlimited travel in the Jungfrau region and a specially-priced trip to Jungfraujoch, costs £167 for adults and £26 for children.

more complex culm

train in switzerland

Bring your furniture to Harder Kulm and enjoy the stunning views (Image: Shutterstock / Lodapon Wantaarawaiiva)

Take the 30-minute train ride across the valley to Interlaken, then take the cable car to Harder Kulm. The cable car takes just 10 minutes to climb steeply to 4,340 feet.

From there you can see the Jungfrau, the Eiger, Mönch and Lake Thun. It’s a perfect night. Enjoy a cocktail at the Panorama Restaurant.

Round-trip adult cable car tickets start at £30.

Round trip London to Zurich from £94 each way with Swiss. Unlimited travel by train, bus and boat with the Swiss Travel Pass. Prices start at £204. The first activity in Grindelwald costs from £65 for a gondola and activity up to £106 for 4 people.Eiger Selfness Hotel Rooms from £219.

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