(News Bulletin 247) – Solvay announced on Monday that it was to receive just over 91.6 million euros in the context of a dispute that had pitted it for more than 10 years against Edison, a subsidiary of EDF .

The chemical group accused Edison of having violated the representations and guarantees in environmental matters relating to the Italian site of Spinetta Marengo, which he had bought from him in 2002.

In this case, Solvay had benefited from several favorable decisions from the Arbitration Tribunal of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Supreme Court and the Milan Court of Appeal, all of which granted its claims.

‘Solvay had acquired the Spinetta site on the basis of declarations which had not disclosed significant environmental shortcomings’, recalls Marco Martinelli, the director of the Italian branch of the group.

The company emphasizes that it had to mobilize significant technical and financial resources in order to implement corrective measures on the site.

Following this case, the group had also ended up abandoning the use of fluorinated surfactants, toxic and persistent pollutants, in its manufacturing processes.

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