(News Bulletin 247) – Waga Energy announces that following a series of tests, Air Liquide has validated the performance of the cryogenic distillation module that it provided for its biomethane production unit on the site of Mallard Ridge Waste Storage, Wisconsin.

This equipment, patented by Waga Energy, is used to separate methane from air gases (nitrogen and oxygen), an essential step in the recovery of gas from waste storage sites, with a view to injecting biomethane into gas delivery.

On the Mallard Ridge site, the equipment is coupled to an Air Liquide membrane filtration module. The facility, now in service, produces biomethane, a renewable substitute for natural gas, which is injected directly into the local network.

The Mallard Ridge cryogenic module is the first in a series of three pieces of equipment ordered by Air Liquide from the company, the other two being installed at the Winnebago site in Illinois.

A specialist in the production of biomethane on waste storage sites, Waga Energy has standardized the manufacture of cryogenic distillation modules, integrated into its Wagabox purification process.

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