“The final of the Cup can be held at GSP with fans of both teams”


The certainty that GSP can host its final Greek Cup carried by Phoebus Konstantinidis in his statements. THE general manager of the Cyprus Stadium spoke to metrosport and underlined that there is availability on the date set by the EPO to hold the match, but so far there has been absolutely no impact.

“The final could be held at the Stadium, we have no problem holding the match, it has level “4” approval and Champions League matches have been held up to the round of 8. I would say that the stadium can host a Greek Cup final“, he said – initially – and continued:

“We have no impact from either the EPO or the Cyprus Federation, the final of the Cyprus Cup is June 3 and the stadium is available on those dates to host the final.”

Finally, to a question he received about the possibility of the presence of the fans of both teams, he stated…

“There are fans of both teams in Cyprus, from a security point of view I would say that they better ensure the conduct of the match, the Cypriot police are more organized than the Greek police and there are distinct powers. In Cyprus, there are friends of both teams in every match and it’s something we know, so it could be the same in the final”concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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