(News Bulletin 247) – CGG announces a major sale by Sercel of its GPR300 deep sea node solution to Sinopec, the Chinese oil and gas exploration, refining and distribution company. More than 6,000 knots will be deployed this month in the Bohai Sea, off the east coast of mainland China.

“The GPR300 provides class-leading subsurface imaging and outperforms conventional OBN equipment with its digital fidelity, ultra-quiet performance, and ability to detect ultra-wideband frequency signals,” the group says.

Emmanuelle Dubu, CEO of Sercel, said: ‘Building on our in-depth knowledge of the seismic industry and the increased opportunities that seabed nodal acquisition offers customers in terms of improved data quality and decision-making support, we have designed the GPR300 solution to perfectly meet the needs of this market. Having been deployed on major operations in the Middle East region, the GPR300 is fast becoming the preferred solution worldwide. ‘

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