After a long absence the one and only Question Quiz is back in the game and the players are very happy about it. Initially, Konstantinos Vassalos and Stavroula Chrysaeidi were asked to answer a question about singles and committed…

Konstantinos a little later was caught by Giorgos Lianos having an intense dialogue with Marialena. The player was forced to reveal that he wasn’t trying to find the answer and help his teammate who was competing at the time, rather he was explaining to Marialena what the Great Wall is!

Sakis and Bogdanos were faced with a situation that, apparently, will concern them immediately, if it doesn’t already concern them. The two players answered a question about couples’ choice of wedding rings, with one trying to elicit from the other some statement to be debated.

On the other hand, the free birds Vassalos and Bartzis, in a much happier tone, answered a question about the average duration of sex, with K. Vassalos answering over-optimistically and his opponent getting the point.