The killer killed the 48-year-old with 8 knives – He claimed that he was cheating on him


The 49-year-old allegedly killed his 48-year-old wife with eight knives in the new case of gynecology that was revealed on Sunday night, in Thessaloniki, when the perpetrator surrendered to the police, confessing to the heinous crime.

The unfortunate woman was found in a pool of blood in the bedroom of their house, in Polichni, while she was hit in the chest and legs. Searching the home, police located a hunting knife believed to have been the means of committing the murder.

The 49-year-old, originally from Armenia (as well as the victim), in his pre-investigation apology allegedly said that he acted because his wife was cheating on him. Around 9.30 on Sunday night, the confessed perpetrator went to the White Tower Police Station, where he revealed that he had killed his wife. Her lifeless body was found a little later by a patrol car crew, who went to his home to verify his allegations, while police officers from the Forensic Investigation Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece were immediately called to the scene to explore the area.

A case was filed against him by the Department of Crimes against Life of the Thessaloniki Security for premeditated murder, which leads to the prosecutor.

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