Passengers and flight attendants need ‘mutual respect’, say professionals


With the possible resumption of tourism and a greater number of flights appearing on the horizon in the coming months — although the recent threat of the omicron variant may put a new brake on the sector —, once again flight attendants and passengers will be face to face annoying each other. Some ask, others disobey, those give orders, those obey, many pretend not to listen.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, and “mutual respect” is the way out for this coexistence to reach high levels of cruising speed, according to the commissioners heard in this article. They also commented on how it seems that some of the worst facets of the human being come to the fore when he flies.

Vanessa [nome fictício] she went through many curious situations when flying for Emirates, a company from the United Arab Emirates, between 2008 and 2016. Funny, she remembers when, on a night flight on the A380, she heard a “fup, fup, fup” somewhere in the economy cabin and went to find out.

“In the dead of night, a passenger had gone to the door of the aircraft and started filling an inflatable mattress so he could sleep. I couldn’t even get mad, because I thought it was so cool… Although it was a stupid idea. That’s why not it’s no wonder you should stay seated with a seat belt. A depressurization (which is rare, I’ve never caught one), a severe loss of altitude (I went through one and was thrown to the ceiling and floor) or a turmoil (which happens every day).”

“These situations can hurt a person a lot. Once, in a strong turbulence, some women were thrown to the ceiling and had their hair caught in the compartment that releases the emergency mask. When they fell back, parts of the hair were stuck there in top with pieces of scalp. They were scalped and blood poured over the cabin. It wouldn’t have happened if they were wearing a belt,” he teaches.

“But going back to Egyptian, I also explained that he couldn’t block the emergency exit, let alone sleep there. And he was the one who got angry, because he was Egyptian and ‘didn’t get scolded by women.’ I had to call a male crew member to he leaves.”

Larissa Belkis, who works for a Brazilian company, thinks that people get very tense flying. “Maybe because it’s not something natural for us, right?”.

She gives tips on what you need to know for a smooth flight: “Don’t make phone calls or watch videos without a headset. The noise pollution is impressive and it’s absurd how in some regions of Brazil you don’t respect each other’s space” .

“If someone is putting their bags in the trunk in front of you, please wait for the person to finish. Don’t try to pass them, don’t run over them. Another thing, a bag is carry-on luggage. It’s no use bringing a pillow, blanket, bags and more bags thinking they don’t count. What companies allow is a small suitcase and one carry-on bag only.”

“But the most important thing is to respect others, whether they are flight attendants or other passengers. I don’t see people being kind to women or to the elderly. It’s an exception when someone helps someone else lift the suitcase. And that desperation to get out, then?” , sighs Larissa.

“Recently, a colleague asked everyone to stay seated until the front rows left the plane, which is a recommendation not to crowd. A passenger stood up and slapped her, saying he would leave whenever he wanted. apologize, but that could have ended up with the Federal Police.”

Flying for a few months on another Brazilian airline, Karen [também nome fictício] you’ve had enough time to go through critical situations. “These days, a drunk passenger was singing during the night flight. He claimed to be the countryman Leonardo (which he wasn’t) and wanted to get up all the time and play with the flight attendants. His friends were dying of embarrassment. , we found a way.”

But there are times when the way doesn’t allow time. Vanessa from Emirates went through such a situation on a flight that took manual workers from India to Dubai. “They were very poor people, very humble, people who lived in villages, without toilets, without anything. Companies paid these tickets to have cheap labor. Suddenly, a woman in a sari goes to the exit door and squats down . By the time the crew realized it was too late.”

After eight years at Emirates, Vanessa returned to Brazil and joined a company here. “I think the profile of Brazilian passengers is better. They have a better sense of humor, they usually understand the situation. I’m not saying that they’re polite, because that’s not what it is. And it got worse with the pandemic. It’s your way of confronting the employee”, it says.

“People arrive armed, ready to fight, eager to get into nitpicking. Currently, Anvisa does not allow meals and we can only serve water. Passengers need to understand that the seat is tight, a baby will cry, your person side will get up to go to the bathroom. It’s hell,” she says, without mincing words.

Perhaps we passengers need to lower our expectations when we go on vacation. The tour starts for real when we arrive at the destination. The flight, on the other hand, is nothing more than a last effort before the lull.


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