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Sivota: “I’m in shock, I’ve been crying all day,” says the boat operator – What he says about the fatal accident


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The details of the tragedy that unfolded earlier, resulting in the fatal injury of the 62-year-old woman who was parasailing in Sivota, are shocking

“I am in shock, I have been crying all day. Suddenly there was a loud noise and at that time the belt was cut without understanding how. I myself was a shipwreck and I might have drowned if the boat that picked us up had not been found. I don’t know how the accident happened, the only reason I can attribute it to is the sudden wind.”

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This is what the operator of the boat from which the strap of the sea parachute was attached to, which broke and resulted in the tragic death of a woman who was parasailing in Sivota, told SKAI.

The details of the tragedy that unfolded earlier, resulting in the fatal injury of the 62-year-old woman, are shocking.

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According to the report, the strap he was holding broke and he fell into the water in the area between Sivota and southern Corfu.

More specifically, today at noon, the lessor of marine recreational equipment operating in the area was parachuting with the woman when a strong storm started.

The lessor started to pull the woman with the rope towards the boat and about 100 meters before reaching the boat the woman was cut off for an unknown reason from the tow rope and found herself in the sea.

The woman was picked up by a private boat which took her ashore but unfortunately she had died.

The 34-year-old operator of the boat was arrested and a preliminary investigation will be carried out by the first port department in Sivota which belongs to the port authority of Igoumenitsa.

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