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“He called her a pelican, fat and glasses”: School principal and former student on the bench for bullying


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The incident happened at a school in northern Greece. The 14-year-old student was forced to change schools. In November the trial of the case.,

The headmistress of a school in Northern Greece and a former student are expected to face the Justice, for a case of bullying. “The time has finally come for them to be held accountable for what they did to my child,” says the mother to GRTimes, in a confession – “punch in the stomach” for what she complains about how her daughter lived, as a student. The young woman is still receiving medication to deal with the scars left behind by the bullying on her soul…

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“Her classmate called her pelican, glasses, abnormal, fat, whore… we were forced to change schools. It ended with a lot of effort and unfortunately he is now facing a psychological problem with what he experienced”, says her mother and bursts into sobs speaking for the first time to

A case that could perhaps constitute a nightmare movie scenario. Unfortunately, this is the scenario of her life 14-year-old student it was beyond real. And she was the protagonist in a case of bowling by a classmate, which changed her life dramatically.

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The girl grew up today. But the wounds have not closed. The bleak images of everyday life at school, the swearing, mockery and characterizations of her external appearance have marked her. Sometimes, time doesn’t heal as it seems.

The girl whose childhood dream was to become an artist and even an actress, unfortunately today four years after her martyrdom, is fighting with herself trying to leave behind the bad past and move forward. Something that seems very difficult, as her mother says, who breaks the silence of years and speaks exclusively to Stratis Limnios and

The case

“Our life has been destroyed, I tell you as I feel it, as I live it every day that passes. It all started in 2018 when my daughter, still a high school student, would face the beginnings of a nightmare that would soon change her life. So there was a classmate of hers who systematically teased her at first. But apparently this teasing knew no bounds, because it began to take on other dimensions. The child didn’t say anything to us at first, I could see that she was a little worried, but where could my mind go, about what was happening. Until at some point she comes home from school crying. I’m in shock. What happened, what is happening to the child. With these and with these he finally talks, he says everything. For everything she suffered from her classmate.

He called her a pelican, glasses, abnormal, fat, whore… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I decided without a second thought to go to the principal of the school, I couldn’t leave the situation like that.

I informed her and she told me that she had no idea about everything I was telling her and that she would talk to both the student and his parents.

“We want justice for our child,” says the mother

We were forced to go to court, we didn’t have the financial means, but I felt that I had to defend my child, who didn’t want to go to school because he simply couldn’t stand the situation anymore. We eventually sued both the student’s parents and the school principal. The case reached the Court about four years later. At first instance in the civil part they were acquitted due to doubts. Of course we filed an appeal which will be discussed in December. However, the criminal part of the case will be tried in November, finally the time has come for them to be held accountable for what they did to my child, both this classmate and the school principal for hiding information and the truth about everything my daughter went through.” .

As the mother explains, the most terrible thing of all is that because of all these incidents, a very serious health problem arose in her daughter.

“She is being monitored by specialists and is receiving very strong medication in order to be able to stand on her feet. It has lost its vitality, its freshness, its spontaneity. In essence, she lost her childhood. He is still suffering to this day and all the years have passed. He sobs and sometimes faints. It is clear that we want justice for our child”, concludes the mother.

Finally, it should be noted that the trial of the case will take place on November 1st.

On the mother’s side “Live without Bullying”

The student’s mother has also contacted “Live without Bullying”, where the relevant information was provided by the experts who stand by the mother and her daughter.

The “Live Without Bullying” platform provides free counseling support to students, parents and teachers against bullying.
More than 245 million children and adolescents are victims of school violence worldwide.

“Live Without bullying” was created in 2015 by KMOP – Center for Social Action and Innovation with the aim of preventing and dealing with intra-school and online bullying. It is an innovative platform providing free online counseling support to students, parents and teachers.

Children and adults can learn about the phenomenon of bullying and receive free and anonymous support from professional psychologists specialized in bullying. The counseling process followed by the experienced team of Live Without Bullying (LWB) counselors is based on the person-centered and cognitive behavioral approach.
The contact line to say is accessible to everyone throughout the day.

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