Rafale and F-35 simulators at TIF


The public will be able to be “trained” in the simulators by active duty Air Force operators

A panorama of the new capabilities acquired by the Armed Forces (AF) of the country (and others that are expected to acquire), will be seen by the public, at this year’s HYTHA stand at the 86th Thessaloniki International Exhibition.

Three full-scale high-tech simulators – one of the French 4.5th Generation fighter Rafaleone of America’s 5th Generation Stealth fighter F-35 and one created by Greek ED officials to train operators on missions – are expected to be the main “stars” of the ED stand.

The public will even have the opportunity to be “trained” in these simulators by active Air Force operators since in the simulators a visitor will receive flight instructions – in the case of the Rafale, by pilots of the 114th Fighter Wing (FM), in the case of the simulator F-35, by operators of the 111 AM.

Indeed, in the case of – in the first public presentation – the third mission simulator that has been developed by Greek minds at the Center for Air Tactics (KEAT) for the simulation of mission preparation as well as debriefing, Greek F-16 fighter pilots will be present.

At the same time and next to the space with the specific three impressive simulators are expected to operate approx 14 Virtual Reality systems . Visitors will thus be able to experience simulated movement, shooting and combat with Leopard tanks, as well as training of Special Forces personnel, and at the same time they will “experience” dropping from Chinook helicopters, flying attack helicopters, moving through water as it happens when Special Forces officers are on a mission.

A large replica of the new FDI HN or “Belharra” frigates is expected to be placed in a prominent position at the HYTHA stand, which will pique the interest of visitors. There will also be set up a large-scale replica of the new MH-60R Romeo anti-submarine warfare helicopters that by the end of the year will arrive in Greece and join the operational fleet with their crews. Next to them, the audience will also see Mirage 2000-5, C-130 transports in scale, while in the central hall of the pavilion the 70-year evolution of the country’s EDs will be presented.


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