Prosecutor: Unshakable evidence of guilt for Roula Pispirigou


Scientific data and dozens of testimonies “burn” the child killer – What does the prosecutor say in his proposal for the murder of 9-year-old Georgina.

By Ioanna Mandrou

The evidence for her guilt is unshakable Roulas Pispirigou for the murder of her eldest daughter Georginaaccording to the proposal of the prosecutor Giorgos Noulis, who evaluated the entire case file for the case that has shocked the Panhellenic community.

The prosecutor’s proposal to the competent judicial council, which will finally decide on the criminal treatment of Roulas Pispirigou, has 37 pages and includes heaps of evidence that leaves no room for the murder of little Georgina to be responsible for her mother who gave her a large dose ketamine.

As stated, according to information, in the proposal of the experienced prosecutor Giorgos Noulis, the scientific data (forensic reports and scientific analyses) are not disputed for the finding of ketamine in the body of the unfortunate 9-year-old but also the shocking testimonies of doctors and nurses establish in an absolute way the guilt of Pispirigou which is proposed to be referred to trial for premeditated homicide committed in a calm state of mind with all the aggravating circumstances provided for by law.

The unfortunate child met a tragic end at the Children’s Hospital, where he was last treated at the beginning of the year, when, according to the prosecutor’s proposal that supported the heavy indictment against Pispirigou, he received from his mother the administration of large doses of ketamine that led to his death.
In the case of 9-year-old Georgina, Pispirigou, who is already in custody, also faces a charge of attempted murder, as she tried to kill her child about a year ago, when he was hospitalized at the Karamandane Hospital in Patras, while the investigative process for the prosecution is in full progress which have been brought against Roula Pispirigou for the murder of her other two younger children, Malena and Iris.

For the younger children, Pispirigou also faces charges of manslaughter and is expected to plead guilty soon.

She herself, through her lawyer Alexis Kouya, denies that she is responsible for the three murders of her children, without, however, having submitted evidence that overturns the scientific data and the dozens of aggravating testimonies of doctors and nurses.

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