Maroussi: An unknown person attacked and beat a 16-year-old girl in an underground parking lot – She bit him to escape


According to the complaint, the stranger immobilized the girl with one hand, covering her mouth so she wouldn’t scream, while with the other he began to choke her.

Reporting: Makis Synodinos

The complaint of one 16-year-old girl according to which he was sexually assaulted in the underground parking lot where he lives in Marousi, police officers from the sub-directorate for the protection of minors are investigating.

According to the minor, a man unknown to her he tried to rape her when she had gone down to the underground parking lot to get her bike.

As she reported to the police, she had not noticed the presence of a person until the moment the stranger attacked her. With one hand he immobilized her by covering her mouth so that she wouldn’t cry out while with the other he started to tame her.

Despite the shock she suffered, the minor did not give up, she resisted and managed to bite his hand with which he had closed her mouth.

Her move saved her from the worst as the assailant fled.

The 16-year-old immediately told her parents about the incident, who in turn reported the incident to the authorities.

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