Incredible incident in Chalkida: He went to get a vaccine instead of someone else and was arrested


At a scheduled appointment for vaccination against covid-19, an unrelated man appeared accompanied by a woman, who were arrested by the Chalkida Police

An unlikely case surrounding sham vaccinations was reportedly revealed at noon on Monday (12/9) in Chalkida Hospital.

Specifically in a scheduled appointment for vaccination against covid-19, an unrelated man presented himself accompanied by one womanwho were arrested by the Chalkida Security.

According to the report, the arrested person who is a resident of Evia, he took another man’s place for whom the appointment had been made, and which has nothing to do with the area. The agreement was allegedly made by his girlfriend and companion, with a fourth person who is being investigated as having the medical details of the person concerned!

In addition to the two arrests, the Security included in the case file, on the one hand, the person directly concerned who wanted to appear vaccinated without getting the vaccine, as well as the other man who allegedly closed the deal with the woman.

Experienced police officers report that we may be facing one new “factory” of fake vaccinationsby finding volunteers who, in order to have financial benefits, do the mandatory vaccinations on behalf of others.

Those arrested will be brought to the Prosecutor’s Office of Halkida while they are accused of obtaining a false certificate and violating the measures to prevent diseases.

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