New twist for the fire on Lesvos: He went to burn his brother’s house and finally got charred


The man first tried to burn down his brother’s house and then drove a car filled with gas bottles into his brother’s clothing store

A shop in Polichnitos Lesvos was completely destroyed, while a house in the same area was also seriously damaged, after a serious incident – arson attack who was accepted as a resident of the area by his own brother.

The tragic and incredible events unfolded today Monday morning when a man he first set fire to his brother’s house and car.

He then got into his car, which was reportedly filled with gas bottles, and broke into his brother’s clothing store in the same area. In fact, it is assumed that because it did not catch fire immediately, he set fire to the store himself.

Strong forces of the Fire Department arrived in the area in order to control and extinguish the fire as soon as possible.

The fire completely destroyed the store and the car, while the house where the fire started was also damaged.

The man’s body was found inside the store by the fire brigade.

The owner of the store and the house, who spoke to the website about an incredible situation which he has difficulty describing, was obviously shocked.

“I can’t believe what happened. My brother generally had a problematic attitude towards me and towards society in general. He should be in jail for years. I supported him our whole life. Lately there have been several serious issues.
He set my house and gift shop on fire. Fortunately, I managed to get out, it’s all incredible.”

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