What drivers using bike racks should be aware of

What drivers using bike racks should be aware of

Using the bike rack essentially changes the car’s center of gravity, driving characteristics and driving experience.

The return to everyday life, after the summer holidays, increases the desire of many to engage in sports activities related to bike. The bike rack in this case is the most important accessory for moving with it car. Car owners can choose to carry their bike between a roof rack, hitch or tailgate.

The use of the bike rack essentially the center of gravity changes in the car, the driving characteristics and the driving experience. In addition, the vehicle has higher air resistance and increases noise levels. The maximum speed recommended by manufacturers is usually 130 km/h and should not be exceeded under any circumstances.

A grill mainly in the back of the car it can cover the rear lights of the car. A second important consideration should be given to the license plate, which should be visible and not covered by bicycles. In this case, great care is needed by drivers using the tow bar.

The driver should always be aware of it maximum permissible weight which can be carried with the bike rack. This information can be found in the registration certificates of the various manufacturers.

The most well-known variant is the bicycle roof rack. They are attached to the existing roof rail and offer plenty of space, while not restricting visibility. The disadvantages in this case are that the bike will have to be lifted onto the roof, which requires a lot of effort, while cars with bikes on the roof become very vulnerable to crosswinds. At the same time, the driver should check the maximum permissible height for his passage.

On the other hand, the big downside of the tailgate grill is that it’s there low loading capacitywhile this cannot be opened while the grill is in place.

The widespread hitch racks they are very popular due to the low loading height. Transportable bikes protrude slightly and thus increase air resistance only slightly, while not changing ride characteristics. Another advantage is that fuel consumption does not increase as much. Loading and unloading is easy, and even heavy bikes can be transported. Most towbars have additional brake lights and tail lights along with turn signals without creating additional problems while driving.

What is certain is that the driver, whatever grill he uses, must be especially careful, especially during parking. Determining factors are the weight of the bicycles and the permitted carrying capacity, while owners should be sure that the manufacturer should have obtained type approval from an independent testing organization and for the safe and trouble-free transport of the bicycles.


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