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“Descent” of motorcyclists with impressive Harley Davidsons in Halkidiki


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At least 200 motorcyclists from Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey riding unique Harley Davidsons are preparing to flood the region of Halkidiki as part of their annual four-day excursion. “Harley Davidsons are a way of life for us,” says Yannis Kastoris Road captain of the HOG Athena Chapter passionately to GRTimes.gr.

Mille miglia 2022, that is thousand miles 2022, i.e. 1,609 km, is the title of the four-day annual getaway organized by the HOG Athena Chapter, the official corporate group of the Harley Davidson dealership, in Athens. At least 90 Harley Davidsons with around 200 motorcyclists, die-hard fans of the American Harley Davidson motorcycle they are on the road towards Halkidiki.

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Their starting point is Athens, Istanbul and Sofia, while they have made an appointment to meet all together late this afternoon at a hotel complex in Kassandra, Halkidiki, where they will spend the night for the next three nights.

“Every year, on the 3rd or 4th four days of September, we organize an excursion in order to meet the members of the HOG Athena Chapter Club, but also to meet the new members and to share our passion together” says Yannis Kastoris to GRTimes.gr Road captain of the HOG Athena Chapter.

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The same person responsible for the inspiration and execution of the excursions of the HOG Athena Chapter Club, which is the largest in Greece, informs GRTimes.gr saying that they started today (Thursday 22/9) in the morning, at 09.30, from SEAA Afidnon and their final destination is Kassandra in Halkidiki, where they will arrive in the late afternoon at a hotel complex in the area.

For today, the 35 machines with 48 on board will cover a total of 592 km with their journey taking 6 hours and 14 minutes, adding an extra three hours for the necessary rest and refueling stops.

Regarding motorcyclists from Turkey and Bulgaria, as informed by GRTimes.gr, 35 and 18 Harley Davidsons will participate respectively.

Tour in Sithonia and rock party in Kassandria

Tomorrow morning, the motorcyclists will tour the peninsula of Sithoniastopping at Porto Koufos, while have lunch in a tavern in Sarti.

In the afternoon they will gather at Kassandria Square (Valta) where people will have the opportunity to see up close the symbol motorcycles, the unique Harley Davidsons. The municipal authority of Kassandra, as GRTimes.gr is informed, has taken care of the entertainment of the motorcyclists who will be in the area, the residents themselves and the visitors, with music by a DJ.

The total distance that the HDs will cover passing through settlements and villages of Sithonia is 255 km, which will be covered in 4 hours and 10 minutes, adding an additional four hours for their necessary stops.


From the beaches of Kassandra to the mountains of Halkidiki

And because “there is nothing like Halkidiki”, not only for its seas and beaches but also for its mountainous settlements, the group of motorcyclists will tour both areas of Kassandra and the traditional settlement of Arnaia, as well as the capital of the prefecture, Polygyros.

Specifically, on Saturday, September 24, they will travel a total of 265 km, in 4 hours and 38 minutes, passing through Poseidi, they will do stop at the port of Nea Skioni, for group photothey will continue to the Baths of Agia Paraskevi, they will pass through Paliouri, while coffee and a bath are planned in the picturesque Athyto.

Then, after refueling their engines in Agios Mamas, they will pass through Ormylia, continuing to the highlands of Holomont, specifically to Negative where they will have lunch in a town tavern. To Polygyro they will stop for refueling but also for group photoin the narrow streets of the traditional web, returning to the hotel.

On the evening of Saturday, September 24, they will have fun at big party which they organize with the music group Kosa Mostra. According to information, the platform with the tent will be set up somewhere near the hotel, where the approximately 200 motorcyclists will spend the night.


Back to base

After a busy four days of riding both on the national road and on the country network, the dozens of riders will put their imposing Harley Davidsons in front of them to take the road back.

On the last day of their escape, Sunday, September 25, making the necessary stops for resupply and rest, they will travel 549 kilometers, a journey of almost 6 hours and with the total time of the stops for three hours, they are expected to arrive in Athens in the late afternoon.


The HOG Athena Chapter team

The HOG Athena Chapter is the official corporate group of the Harley Davidson dealership in Athens. It was founded in April 1993, as the HOG Athena Chapter, alongside the establishment of the first American motorcycle dealership in Greece.

In 2014, the change of Dealer marked the new era for the Chapter, with a new body of volunteers, a new address and a new name: HOG Athena Chapter. The group consists of 364 members of which 148 are active.

The next fall getaway of the HOG Athena Chapter is scheduled for the two days of October 8 and 9, in Arachova.

*The photos are from Korinou station where they stopped for refueling, coffee and rest.

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