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Kavala: The murder of the 52-year-old businessman was solved – He was killed by his 25-year-old friend


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According to information, the perpetrator has reportedly confessed to his act. He stated that the victim bullied him in the past

The murder of the 52-year-old man in Chrysoupoli Kavala was solved.

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According to information from proininews, the perpetrator is a 25-year-old friend of his who allegedly confessed.

He claims, according to the first information, that in the past the victim bullied him.

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How was the murder?

Death card with a victim 52 years old businessman active in the marble trade had set up in Chrysoupolis on the morning of Friday, September 16.

According to police sources, it was shortly after 6 in the morning when the unfortunate businessman left home for his business. Arriving outside the marble business, his executioner was waiting for him where shot him with a firearm.

A medical examiner and security officers rushed to the scene and cordoned off the scene.

Police sources do not exclude the possibility that it is about face-off as the perpetrator or perpetrators knew the businessman’s daily schedule and how he went to the factory early every day.

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