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Thessaloniki: The teacher arrested for child pornography has been released on condition


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The defendant denied the charges and claimed that he had accidentally and unknowingly “downloaded” the nearly 10,000 files from the Internet.

The 56-year-old middle school teacher who was arrested on the charge of possessing a large number of files containing child pornography material was released with restrictive conditions, after his apology to the 1st ordinary investigator of Thessaloniki.

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The defendant – as it became known – denied the alleged act against him of the distinguished case of pornography, through information systems, with children under 15 years of age. It is alleged that he claimed that he was “downloading” a lot of files from the Internet and among them the pornographic material in question was found. “I didn’t know the content, I didn’t share it with other users, and many of the files I never opened,” he reportedly told the investigator, stressing that he is an “Art fan” and was looking for Art-related material on the Internet.

Prosecutor and investigator unanimously decided to release him, under the conditions of the ban on leaving the country and his personal appearance at the police station of his place of residence. There had been an investigation by the Electronic Crime Prosecution of EL.AS. during which his electronic traces were detected, while in a subsequent search of his home, a total of about 10,000 files containing child pornography material were seized from a hard drive and an electronic storage device (usb).

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According to the case file, the files included photos and videos of minors under the age of 15.

In the morning, the 56-year-old joined the criminal prosecution prosecutor who referred him to an investigator, before whom he apologized without asking for a deadline.

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