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Thessaloniki: Five years and 50,000 euros to a man who uploaded a pink video of his ex-partner


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The 37-year-old patient was informed in July 2020 that videos and photos of sexual content were posted on pornographic websites.

A sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of 50,000 euros was imposed by the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Thessaloniki on 36 years oldwho was found guilty of breaching his ex-partner’s sensitive personal data.

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The sentence was decided not to be suspended, nor to be commuted, but suspensive power was given to the appeal, resulting in his release.

The case reached the Court, when the 37-year-old patient was informed, the July 2020from her friend that video and photos of sexual content depicting herself 15 years ago, were posted on pornographic website and subsequently reproduced through other websites, with similar content.

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As testified by 37 years old it was material in the possession of her accused ex-partner, with whom she had broken up in 2007. According to the complainant, part of the disputed material had been produced without her knowledge, while her counsel stated that the videos had almost 250,000 views by internet users.

In her testimony, the complainant stated – in addition – that there had been previous, a year earlier, posts on a dating website from a profile created by an unknown person where her photos were displayed without her prior consent. When he discovered it, as he said, he went to the specific website and “closed” the profile.

In his apology the 36-year-old denied any involvement in the case, attributing the release of the videos to “malicious action by a third party.” I have not had this material for many years. I had it until 2008, when my mobile phone and computer were stolen abroad where I was studying,” he said, adding that he was bothered by the posts on the Internet since he himself appears in private moments.

For the same case, the 38-year-old wife of the accused was also charged, as from the investigation of the Electronic Crime Prosecution of EL.AS. it was identified that through an Internet address (IP Adress) that was in her name a connection was made to a specific pornographic website. The 38-year-old denied the accusation, saying her home wireless network did not have a password and anyone within 50 to 70 meters could connect.


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