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OASA: The digital “assistant”-Chatbot is coming


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It is an intelligent “artificial intelligence” program that will interact with users-passengers, providing useful information-answers about urban transport

Another digitization step in OASA services will be put into operation in the near future for the benefit of the passenger public.

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This is the digital “assistant” – Chatbot and will be put at the service of the public, in order to simplify communication and enhance the interaction of passengers with the Organization.

It is an intelligent “artificial intelligence” program that will interact with users-passengers, providing useful information-answers about urban transport.

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The modern communication tool with passengers will be based on modern machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. Through automated question-and-answer, it will understand and respond to comments and questions posed in written natural language, promoting interactive and direct communication with passengers.

The digital “assistant” has the following characteristics:

-The system will have the possibility for unlimited query enrichment

-The system provides the possibility to switch to live chat

– There will be an interface of the service on the OASA website, as well as in the Organization’s applications

-It provides the possibility of extracting statistical data that will contribute to the improvement of OASA services

-Supports Greek, English and Greeklish

Iris Antonopoulou: Another step in the digitization of OASA services

The managing director of OASA, Iris Antonopoulou, said in this regard to APE-MPE: “the digital “assistant” (Chatbot) is another step in the digitization of OASA’s services. The Organization is constantly adopting new technological tools, responding to the modern needs of the passenger public. After the “on-demand” bus and the digital interactive map that includes all the useful information for urban transport in Athens, OASA is intensifying its initiatives to provide innovative actions, through the integration of the application of the Automatic Fare Collection System ( ASSK), in collaboration with EDYTE S.A., in the new academic identities as well as the introduction of contactless transactions (EMV contactless payments) in the movement of citizens with the MMM of the capital”.

It is recalled that already last year a digital interactive map has been put into operation that includes all the useful information about urban transport in Athens. The map that is available on the OASA website (, in the section “MMM Service of Attica”, provides a cartographic representation of all urban transport services in Attica, with all the necessary information for the passenger public.

Through this map, which is based on GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, information is provided about bus stops and metro and tram stations, stops with accessibility for people with disabilities, transfer points between all means of public transport, the ticket sales network, but also the points of connection with the suburban train, KTEL, the port of Piraeus and the airport of Athens, as well as points of cultural/recreational interest (monuments, museums, etc.).

The application also gives the option of selecting the levels of map information that are visible, through the relevant menu, as well as finding nearby service points of lines, stops or points of sale within a radius of 500 m to 1500 m from a specific point or address as well as taxi parking locations.

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