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Residents in the Municipality of Kymi Aliveri are upset: Wild boars have ravaged the orchards


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“They roam the night in herds and leave nothing standing”

Residents in Evia express their despair due to serious disasters observed by the invasion of wild boars on the island.

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As they report, the increase in their population combined with their inability to find food and the reduced movement of citizens on central roads, due to the pandemic, in recent years has resulted in their appearance in residential areas and the damage they cause to orchards as a result, to be everyday life.

As indicated by a citizen of the island on, the wild boars have now become a very big and worrying problem.

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“They move at night in herds and leave nothing standing. Apparently the crops have no future. As long as the wild boars remain undisturbed, the situation will soon take on dangerous proportions even for people, especially with the snow, who will not find food,” he emphasizes.


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