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Provocative in the apologies of Michos and Sofianidis: “The 12-year-old was asking to meet”


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“She was sending me messages and telling me to call her mom and tell her to ‘send your daughter to help me’ because she was fighting with her,” says Michos – “The 12-year-old was challenging me,” reports Sofianidis.

Reporting by Makis Synodinos

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The two pretrial detainees appeared defiant in their statement before the 33rd interrogator Ilias Michos and Giannis Sofianidis who are accused of rape of the 12-year-old by Column.

Although both admitted having sex with a 12-year-old minor, they boldly maintained that they did not rape her. Michos argued that what happened was done with her consent, while Giannis Sofianidis boldly testified that the minor provoked him and pressured him to meet.

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In fact, according to information, Michos was mentioned several times in his apology to the 37-year-old mother of the minor, while he specifically stated:

“….. (name of mother) I am convinced knew what was going on. When I asked the little girl what her mother was saying to her when she saw her coming home late with 50 euros, she replied: I told her I was taking care of a grandmother.”

Regarding the minor girl, he claimed that he did not rape her and that from May to August he had been with her 4 times.

“I didn’t rape her. Everything that happened was done with her consent. I knew she was 12 years old but she looked older. She was texting me on my cell phone and telling me to call her mom and tell her: send your daughter to help me. He often fought with her.”

Giannis Sofianidis, who did not admit to raping the 12-year-old girl, moved in the same direction in his apology and argued:

“She was challenging me (she means the minor). She was pressuring me to meet. I have been with her a few times”

“The 12-year-old was challenging me, we were behind the bus of Kifissos. I have nothing to do with my co-accused. The child was pressuring me to be together. I have been with her a few times,” the 42-year-old reportedly said., RES-MPE

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