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I strongly disagree with chemical castration, says the vice-president of the Association of Criminologists


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In general, I feel that the legal world has been taken by surprise, said the criminologist and vice-president of the Union of Criminologists and Fighting Lawyers, Theodoros Mantas.

For the case-by-case examination of his measure chemical castration to pedophiles, which arose as subject of discussion by the Minister of the Interior, Makis Voridisafter the shocking cases of rape of minors, the well-known criminologist and vice president of the Union of Criminalists and Fighting Lawyers spoke to Status 107.7, Theodoros Mantas.

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The Minister of Health and jurist, Thanos Pleuris, in today’s statements he said that “there are crimes that should not have parole and one such is the rape of children”.

Theodoros Mantas expressed his disagreement with the positions of the two ministers, stressing:

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“Obviously, I have an absolute ideological and scientific, legal disagreement with the position of both Mr. Voridis and Mr. Pleuris. And I’m not the only one who has this disagreement. In an early debate, the institutions of the bar associations have also expressed serious disagreement and intense reflection. The legal world in general.

We should also not fail to mention that the European Commission, the most institutionalized and authoritative body for rights throughout Europe, the European Commission for the Prevention of Torture, with its report that has been given in the public space and in the public debate, considers the use of this method as a means of punishing sex offenders to be completely degrading to human dignity, and indeed, I tell you, in a characteristic way, that the Commission’s report already speaks of incalculable and irreversible consequences on the physiology of the individual”.

“I have been surprised, and the legal world in general I feel has been surprised, both at the way and at the time in which it is first coming into the public arena, and starting a debate about the necessity of applying the measure of chemical castration or not “, Mr. Mantas emphasized.

He explained that the countries in which this measure applies are extremely limited. He said that “it is mainly true in America where there is a very intense climate of disagreement and dissatisfaction. And at the European level, as a measure in principle in a milder version, one can meet it in Denmark and Poland – at least in a different form than the one with which it had entered the public debate. At an early stage, a corresponding discussion has also started in Germany, where the reactions are particularly strong.” The well-known criminologist noted that this measure in Germany was established for the first time in 1933 with a Nazi law.

Full interview:

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