Crispy fried chicken multiplies in SP restaurants; know 5 places


Fried chicken is different. If it already appeared in most of the pubs and bars and snacks type houses in the capital of São Paulo, now the recipe gains international flavors and presence in cool restaurants in São Paulo.

Traditional dishes such as breaded breaded or a birdie are increasingly sharing space with American, Korean and Japanese-inspired dishes. In common, they go through a process that makes them crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The difference is in the techniques and seasonings used.

Icon of American gastronomy, crispy fried chicken has replaced processed nuggets in the menus of hamburgers in the capital of São Paulo, as is the case of Borger Burger, with units in Vila Buarque and Itaim Bibi, in addition to starring sandwiches.

There is even an address entirely dedicated to American-style fried chicken, Nash, a novelty in Vila Mariana. There, the recipes gain accompaniments such as coleslaw, which is a coleslaw, or pickles. They can also be served in waffles, in addition to gaining different levels of spiciness – which has been softened, to please the São Paulo palate.

The recipe is also a common snack in izakayas, the Japanese bars, addresses that in recent years have established their place in the gastronomy of São Paulo. There, they are called karaage, and are served in portions accompanied by items such as Sicilian lemon, kewpie mayonnaise or green pepper, as chef Thiago Bañares, who runs Kotori, in Pinheiros, explains.

Among Koreans, it gains different levels of spiciness depending on the preparation. Places like Chicking, which works via delivery in Bom Retiro, deliver portions with different sauces and fries.

Despite having an Italian-based cuisine, Mila, a restaurant at Itaim Bibi, included an Asian-inspired fried chicken on the menu. In the recipe, pieces of thigh and drumstick go through various stages of a Korean-influenced marinade, are breaded and deep-fried at two different temperatures and are smeared in a bittersweet vinaigrette.

Pedro Pineda, the chef of the house, says that he decided to put the dish on the menu because it is a delicious and democratic starter, which everyone likes. “With good frying, there’s no mistake.”


Burger Burger

The burger joint offers crispy chicken instead of the old-fashioned nuggets. The snacks are made with pieces of breast marinated in milk, breaded in wheat flour and corn cereal. With six units, the portion costs R$ 16 and is served with herb mayonnaise.
R. Dr. Vila Nova, 321, Vila Buarque, central region, @borgerburger. Delivery via iFood


The brand, which only delivers by delivery, is from the same staff as the restaurant Dabok Factory, in Bom Retiro. Seasoned with Korean ingredients, the chicken pieces comprise seven preparation options, presented with different levels of spiciness. The most intense is the hot spicy, seasoned with gochujang and extra-strong pepper. It costs R$ 65. With approximately one kilo of chicken, the portions are delivered with fries and up to three sauces of your choice, such as turnip pickles, green mayonnaise and house pepper.
Delivery via iFood by Dabok Factoty restaurant. @chicking_oficial.


Dedicated to Japanese skewers, he also prepares a portion of fried chicken, wakadori no karaage, which costs R$45. Made in the Japanese way, the recipe features a half fried chicken, served with chili pepper and mayonnaise.
R. Canon Eugênio Leite, 639, Pinheiros, west region, @kotori.sp. Delivery via Rappi


New to Vila Mariana, the restaurant took inspiration from the American city of Nashville, Tennessee, to create a menu based on spicy fried chicken, with an indication of pepper levels. The highlights are the sandwiches. The one named after the house, for example, also has coleslaw and pickles (R$30). Tico Chicken no Fubá uses waffles instead of bread (R$29). There are also snacks, such as Chicken Caipira, chicken popcorn with fried okra and cheddar sauce (R$30).
R. Tangará, 137, Vila Mariana, south region, @nashfrangofrito. Delivery via iFood and Rappi


Despite having an Italian-based cuisine, with pasta and pizza, the osteria also has Asian-inspired fried chicken delivery. The portion features fried chicken thigh and drumstick breaded in cornstarch and deep-fried at two temperatures. After getting crispy, the pieces are smeared in a bittersweet vinaigrette. The portion costs R$ 36.
R. Bandeira Paulista, 1096, Itaim Bibi, West Region, @mila_sp

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