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Eight Rafales on the Greek airwaves: Two more aircraft arrived at Tanagra – Watch video


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The Air Force has a total of eight Rafales, two new and six used – The technical characteristics of the state-of-the-art aircraft

Two more state-of-the-art aircraft Rafale received by the Greek Air Forcebringing the total number of French fighters to eight, two of which are new and another six used.

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The two Rafales took off from France today and arrived at Tanagra airport, where they performed impressive maneuvers before landing on the runway.

Watch the video of the arrival of the two aircraft:

Rafale features from the Air Force

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It is a French-built, twin-engine, multi-role hang glider fighter aircraft that covers the full range of operational missions.

It joined the PA arsenal in 2021 under contract 013C/20, under which the PA procured 18 aircraft. More specifically, 14 single-seater Rafale EG and 4 two-seater Rafale DG will be delivered.

It can cover multiple roles simultaneously (omnirole), allowing different missions to be carried out during the same flight. It has 14 suspension stations and can carry up to 9.5 tons of external loads.

It can carry a large number of weapons, including the long-range Meteor air-to-air missile, MICA EM and IR missiles, the SCALP EG cruise missile and the Exocet AM39 Block 2 Mod 2 air-to-surface missile, as well as precision weapons such as the GBU 12/16/24 and AASM, while carrying a 30 mm gun.

The aircraft are based at 114 Fighter Wing at Tanagra and belong to 332 Squadron with the callsign ‘Hawk’.

Technical characteristics/Performance

Crew: 1 or 2
Engine: 2 twin shaft M88-4E turbofan engines with afterburner
Thrust (per engine): 50kN (11,250 lb) dry, 75kN (17,000 lb) afterburner
Wingspan: 10.21 m
Length: 15.27 m
Maximum speed: 750 kt CAS or Mach 1.6
Maximum Altitude: Above 15,240 m or 50,000 ft
Maximum take-off weight: 24,500 kg or 54,000 lb

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