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Tourism for all: A winter holiday voucher is coming for 100,000 beneficiaries


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At the end of the month the raffle – At 150 euros each voucher, emphasized the minister of tourism Vassilis Kikilias

For prolonged booming tourist seasondespite the fact that Christmas is approaching, spoke the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias.

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As he noted speaking to Antenna, in September the average expenditure per visitor was 11% higher compared to the corresponding one in 2019and arrivals at regional airports exceeded by 14% the pre-pandemic period.

The numbers are also impressive in October with the Aktion airport – which serves areas that are alternative destinations – to register an increase of over 76% compared to the corresponding month of 2019while today, in mid-November, we see tourists continue to visit the country.

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“We understand that you are now talking about the Christmas basket, but we still have tourists in Syntagma Square. Tourism continues to bring in revenue and support the average Greek family,” said Mr. Kikilias, noting that the extension of the tourist season has become a reality.

The “Tourism for All” program

At the same time, as the minister stated for the “Tourism for All” program – which will be in force until June 2023, another draw will follow at the end of the month for a new voucher of 150 euros for over 100,000 beneficiaries with the aim of stimulate domestic tourism and support accommodation owners in winter destinations.

The new checks resulting from the lottery will be given to those who applied in the summer with their Taxisnet codes on the online platform. The new tables with the results of the new draw will also be posted there.

The money comes in immediately, in the form of an immaterial digital debit card, which the beneficiaries can use for accommodation in tourist accommodation.

At the same time, as V. Kikilias pointed out, the government announced that it will allocate 100 million euros through the “Save – Enterprise” program for the energy upgrade of mountain accommodation with less than 150 beds as well as the extension of the NSRF for an additional year.

“Our goal is to support this part of the industry that is in need because the energy burden is there and it is real” said the Minister of Tourism.

He said that the efforts and trips he made abroad with the aim of attracting Northern European retirees and digital nomads have begun to bear fruit, a fact confirmed by professionals in Ierapetra, Crete who spoke on the TV show.

“This is unmediated income for primary production, health care stores, the commercial world, the hotel industry and construction,” said Mr. Kikilias.

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