Free winter holidays up to 12 nights through social tourism


Winter holidays with social tourism vouchers – Provider participation applications continue

Holders of social tourism vouchers can take winter holidays in tourist accommodation of the DYPA Register of Providers.

It is recalled that this year DYPA implements the social tourism program for employees and the unemployed and the social tourism program for pensioners e-EFKA (t. OAEE).

These are particularly enhanced and attractive programs, both for the beneficiaries and for the providers, as they are characterized by reduced to zero private participation in the cost of overnight stays in tourist accommodation, but also increased subsidy prices.

Beneficiaries and beneficiaries can spend up to 6 nights in a tourist accommodation they choose from the DYPA “Register of Providers”, after their direct consultation with the provider.

Especially in Leros, Lesvos, Chios, Kos and in the prefecture of Evros, up to 10 nights can be spent completely free, while in the municipalities of Istiaea-Edipsos and Mantoudi-Limni-Ag. Annas of N. Evia and Samos can take place up to 12 nights completely free of chargen.

Interested tourist accommodation providers who wish to participate in the programs can submit a participation application through at the following addresses:

– Social tourism program for workers and unemployed

– e-EFKA pensioners social tourism program (former OAEE)

For more information, visit the online address:

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