More and more drivers are buying an electric car – and not just Tesla


Electric cars are steadily gaining ground – In addition to conventional ones, natural gas models are also losing market share

Electric cars are constantly gaining ground and are convincing more and more drivers every month. In fact, they manage to win over many people who have been loyal to their brands for years, such as the owners of Toyota and Honda.

Recent data from S&P Global Mobility shows that many electric models from the remaining companies are managing to take market share from prospective new car customers, as well as from those who a few years ago wanted to own a Tesla.

The loss of sales of the American company is inevitable, as there are today dozens of electric models with a lot of performance, features and driving behavior. However, today Tesla remains a leader in the US electric vehicle market, while it continues to record high sales rates around the world.

Most traditional car manufacturers have successfully introduced their own electric models and plan to increase their electric models in the future. On the other hand, the fact that Toyota and Honda have been slow to introduce electric cars to the markets, they see them losing (albeit small) market share and even from loyal owners.

Natural gas models are also losing market share, as the choice of electric power has also won over natural gas drivers. Data from S&P Global Mobility shows a major shift in consumer preferences towards electric vehicles, gradually leaving conventional engine options behind.

All this when there are still big problems with charging points and theoretically short ranges, but also high prices. On the other hand, we also have car manufacturers who have not stopped developing internal combustion engines, betting precisely on the desire of many to want to remain in the use of conventional cars, even after 2035 when, theoretically, the sale of cars with internal combustion engines will stop.

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