March for Grigoropoulos: Traffic regulations in Athens – Which roads and when will they be closed on Tuesday


The traffic arrangements for the march in memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos will last from Tuesday morning until the early hours of Wednesday

Stoppage of traffic and prohibition of vehicle parking will be applied intermittently from the morning of Tuesday, December 6 until in the early hours of Wednesday, December 7in view of the marches and commemorative events organized by city bodies, on the occasion of the anniversary of the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

Specifically, the Thessaloniki Traffic Directorate announced that:

On Tuesday (06-12-2022) from 11.00 a.m. there will gradually be interventions (interruptions-diversions) of the traffic on the streets: Egnatia, National Defense, Tsimiski, Ag. Dimitriou, Demokratia Square, X.A.N.Th Square. , Kar.Dil, Vas.Heraklion, 3rd September, Angelaki, Armenopoulou, Gr.Lambraki, K.Karamanli and wherever else required, depending on the prevailing traffic conditions.

It will also not be allowed to stop and park cars on central streets of the city, as follows:

-From 15.00 on Monday (05-12-2022) and until 06.00 on Wednesday (07-12-2022), on the following streets

– National Defense, in its section from Agios Dimitriou Street to Alex Street. Svolou.

– Egnatia, in its section from 3rd September Street to Ethnikis Amynis Street.

– Gr. Lambraki, in its section from Egnatia Street to Kavtanzoglou Street.

From 05.00 on Tuesday (06-12-2022) until 06.00 on Wednesday (07-12-2022), on the following streets:

– St. Dimitriou, in its section from Lazou Exarchi Street to 3rd September Street and in its section from Proxena Street to S. Dragoumi Street.

– Armenopoulou, in its section from Melenikou Street to Ethnikis Amynis Street.

– Vas. Heraklion, in its section from Aristotelous Square to Karolou Street Del.

– Panepistimiou, in its section from Agios Dimitriou Street to G. Vizyinou Street.

– September 3, in its section from Ag. Dimitriou Street to G. Lambraki Street.

– Olympiados, in its section from Elenis Zografou Street to the height of Kassandrou Street.

– Angelaki, throughout her length.

At key points there will be traffic wardens who will regulate traffic and make it easier for drivers.


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