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“Sold out” Festival Food in Thessaloniki:


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The visitors of the Thessaloniki Food Festival had the opportunity to experience Christmas pastries from a traditional bakery up close

1,300 portions of food were prepared and distributed to the hundreds of people of all ages who visited the Thessaloniki Food Festival Christmas market today, which, with a break in 2020 due to the coronavirus, has been held consistently in the city since 2014. “We sold out. in raw material”, said the Deputy Mayor of Tourism and Culture of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Maria Karagianni, speaking to APE-MPE, adding that “literally this year, more than any other year, it became inseparable in Thessaloniki Food Festivalwhich filled the foyer of the town hall with smells and colors”.

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In this context, thanking the people of Thessaloniki who honored this year’s event with their presence, Ms. Karagianni emphasized that the focus of interest was the sustainability of local products, the Food for life applications followed by producers, the smallest carbon footprint for the environment and the circular economy. The aim is to bring sustainable local production closer to the city’s consumers and entrepreneurs”, he underlined.

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It is recalled that from 11 am today, in the foyer of the town hall, the visitors of the event had the opportunity to experience up close slow fermentation wines, with the process of manual harvesting for the sustainable management of the land, purple and yellow carrots and personalized vegetables that arrive in less than ten hours (from farm to spoon) at the chefs’ counter, beneficial drinks produced exclusively with organic and natural methods, healthy, fasting & vegetarian nut butters ground in a stone mill, spirits (tsipouro – cognac) without preservatives and colorings fibers, based on traditional recipes, red pepper spreads with spices from all over Greece and black beans, a superfood rich in vegetable fibers, which gives color to the chefs’ dishes.

At the same time, the visitors of the Thessaloniki Food Festival had the opportunity to experience up close Christmas pastries from a traditional bakery that evoke memories from the 98 years of operation of the business, pomegranate liqueur made from a secret forgotten recipe in the shadow of Olympus, soda with organic herbs – lavender, lemon, elder and mint, ‘Marianna’s’ beloved organic vine leaves and pate salves and whole 100% natural dried vegetables.

At the same time, the event featured handmade pasta based on Pontic recipes, made with pure ingredients that received a taste award, extra virgin olive oil with international distinctions, gourmet durum wheat pasta with flaxseed and buffalo or goat milk, traditional products from the women’s cooperative of Melissochori made with seasonal local ingredients, free-from snacks and bars i.e. biofunctional foods for special diets, based on ingredients such as flaxseed, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, dressings from extra virgin olive oil with the addition of herbs, single-cellar wines from a small family business from Alistrati Serron and innovative products made in a handmade way, which exclusively have as raw material the varieties of the Florinis pepper.

Syrups of honeysuckle, elderberry, lavender, mint, from hand-picked herbs and traditional recipes, “picked up” traditional products from a modern grocery store, handmade fire-roasted perek leaves and jams and sauces with hot Greek red pepper and ginger, they also gave the present”.

In the “sweet” corner of the Christmas market, visitors found hand-made jams from fruits picked at the right time of ripening, hand-made bars with unique flavors, which have not undergone any heat treatment to keep all their ingredients unchanged, chocolates with special flavors, many prizes and avant-garde design that bring back memories of other times, delicious snacks made from fruits that are collected and dried without the addition of sugar and preservatives, “winter” jams and dried fruits with spices for drinks, delicious organic aronia products (juices, liqueurs, jams) with beneficial properties and Christmas sweets from a bakery in the city made with pure products.

Also, in the Pop Up Kitchen of the Christmas market, the trainees from cooking and hospitality schools created traditional and international food and drink recipes with the local products of the exhibitors. Specifically, they prepared in front of the guests of the event the famous Glühwein, a red mulled wine mulled wine with spices, the velouté soup with chestnut “Velouté de Châtaignes” and roasted vegetables, a Thessaloniki salad with nuts and seasonal fruits, trachana with winter truffle ” Tuber brumale’ and red pepper ‘caviar’, sizzling leek sausage smothered in tsipouro and caramelized with honey.


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