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“Ark of the World”: Father Antonios on the counterattack after his removal from the structure


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To the prosecutor of the Supreme Court I. Dogiako, the advocates of Father Antonio – Request to give Father Antonio the possibility to collect his personal belongings from the area of ​​the Ark – “The only expediency is to observe the legality”

The attorney of the Supreme Court, Isidoros Dogiako, was visited by Father Antonio’s lawyers and raised issues related to the case. In particular, Mr. Dogiakos was visited by Thrasyvoulos Kontaxis and Yiannis Kotsos, Antonio’s lawyer, who asked for “the observance of legality”.

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“The only expediency is the observance of the legality” said Mr. Kontaxis leaving the Supreme Court, while at the same time the two lawyers will visit for the same reason the head of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor’s Office Antonis Eleftherianos, who also supervises of all prosecutorial investigations which are in full progress.

According to APE, the request of the advocates is to give Father Antonio the possibility to collect his personal belongings from the site of the Ark of the World, from where he was removed by prosecutor’s order.

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An appeal in relation to the decision, which forbids Father Antonio to have anything to do with the “Ark of the World”, is filed by his lawyer Thrasyvoulos Kontaxis, who went to the Areio Pagos.

Father Antonio’s side had announced the legal move over the weekend.

Fire after all from Father Antonio’s lawyers – Who are they accusing?

Father Antonio’s lawyers have started the counterattack since yesterdaycalling his removal from the Ark of the World illegal, adding that the charges are unfair.

The lawyers of Father Antoniou argue that all his and the elder’s assets were transferred to the NGO and request the immediate intervention of the prosecution authorities.

The first official reaction from Father Antonio came through his lawyer Thrasyvoulos Kontaxis, who in his statement to journalists attacked the Archbishop, the prosecution and the new Board of Directors of “Kivotos tou Kosmos”.

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