Incredible scenes in Gortyna, Crete – They were caught red handed inside the Municipal Council – Watch video


The municipal councilors rushed to separate them, but it seems that when he was prevented, the victim also rode the chairs.

Of Turkey… it happened at the Gortyna Municipal Council as scenes from third-world parliaments were also played out in Crete when a municipal councilor rushed at a person who tipped him for funding in the Slaughterhouse case.

The municipal councilors rushed to separate them, but it seems that when he was prevented, the victim also rode the chairs. The House of course condemned the event, however the damage had been done as can be seen in Antilalos’ video.

One day after the incident, on Friday, December 9, the Mayor of the area, Lefteris Kokolakis, issued the following statement: “With deep sadness, we saw yesterday that the Municipal Council hall was turned into an arena, with unprecedented deviations, extreme confrontations and meaningless arguments marring the meeting, overshadowing the very important decisions made for the future of our Municipality.

Among them, the decision to lease the building facilities and the equipment of the Asimios slaughterhouses, which is the first essential step for their re-operation, the decision to purchase property for the expansion of the cemetery of Agioi Deka, decisions to dig wells that will contribute to the final solution of the water supply problems of our Municipality’s settlements, amendments to the Technical Program and the Budget of our Municipality.

Instead of discussing all of the above today, we see images circulating on the internet that embarrass the Municipal Council and expose our Municipality. This kind of behavior is absolutely reprehensible. I appeal to all councillors, of all factions, so that logic finally prevails and we never allow such phenomena to occur again. Our only adversary is the problems of the Municipality and our citizens».

The President of the Municipal Council of Gortynas Thanasis Desdenakis also issued a statement of condemnation stating:I unequivocally condemn the extreme and unacceptable things that happened in the Gortyna Municipal Council chamber, during the brief interruption of last night’s (Thursday 8/12) meeting. For my part, as President of the Municipal Council, I made every effort to calm spirits and adjourned the meeting to avoid the worst, which unfortunately did not happen. As I made clear from the beginning, I repeat now that aggressive behavior, insults, extreme positions and personal attacks have no place in our Council and are not tolerated by us, nor by our citizens».

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