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One-off assistance for reconnection of electricity supplies


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What does the decision of the Ministries of Finance and Energy foresee – The criteria

Possibility of applying for its grant one-time aid for the reconnection of electricity supplies to those who have overdue debts and have been disconnected from the network until 31.12.2022, a new joint decision of the finance and energy ministers is given. Vulnerable households can submit an application to the municipality on the condition that they had overdue debts and there was a power cut until 31-12-2022 as long as they meet specific criteria (9,000 to 27,000 income, property value 120-180,000 euros) and the power cut concerns the their main residence.

The criteria

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For total debts of up to six thousand (6,000) euros, the entire debt will be paid in one go, for total debts of more than six thousand (6,000) euros and up to nine thousand (9,000) euros, seventy-five percent (75%) of the of debt, for total debts of more than nine thousand (9,000) euros and up to twelve thousand (12,000) euros, fifty percent (50%) of the debt will be paid once and for total debts of more than twelve thousand (12,000) euros, the thirty percent (30 %) of the debt.
2. Consumers will join a settlement program and the remaining amount will be paid by them in interest-free monthly installments, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of article 34 of the Electricity Supply Code to Customers.

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