Death of Sifi Valyraki: The defendants are referred to a trial for intentional homicide


What does the announcement of the lawyers of the Valyrakis family say?

Will by which they are referred to trial on his case Sifi Valyrakiwith the charge of intentional homicide, was issued by the Criminal Court of Chalkida.

As stated in the announcement of the lawyers of the Valyrakis family, the indictment that will be examined at Mixed Jury Courtspeaks of “manslaughter by intent together and in a calm state of mind” for the case of the death of the former minister, in January 2021, in Eretria.

The will was issued yesterday Wednesday and announced today Thursday.

In more detail, the announcement of the lawyers of the Valyrakis family:

“With sub. no. 16/2023 resolution of the Criminal Council of Chalkida, which was issued yesterday 25/1/2023, it was decided to refer the defendants to trial for the murder of the late Sifis Valyrakis, which took place in Eretria, at noon on 24.1.2021.

The will, which was issued one day after the anniversary of the murder of Sifis Valyrakis and was made known to us today, refers the accused-perpetrators of the murder before the Joint Assize Court, for the felony of homicide by intent together and in a calm state of mind, according to and with the previous also referring prosecution proposal for the same charge. The deliberations of the parliament contain a detailed and reasoned rejection of the allegations of the 2 defendants with which they attempt to dismiss the accusation.

Once again it is sealed by the referring court that from a multitude of findings, evidence and elements of the case file, which we have documented and evaluated for 2 years, it is established that the death of the late Sifis Valyrakis is not due to an “accident”, but to murder, that is, homicide by intent and with direct malice, with perpetrators-natural perpetrators of the 2 defendants, who acted together, in full agreement, while afterwards they also jointly try to shake off their responsibilities. Based on these facts, which are contained in the case file and highlighted in the referring will, very serious questions are also raised about the replacement of the temporary detention that had been imposed on the defendants, just one month after its imposition, despite the seriousness of the evidence and the offense and despite the emerging dangerousness of their action.

We express our satisfaction at the completion of this stage with the arraignment of the accused in the audience for the felony of intentional and joint homicide, in a calm state of mind.

At the same time, we express our determination to continue vigilance, until the irrevocable conviction of the culprits and the complete elucidation of all the circumstances of the murder and the attempt to cover it up, that is, until the full disclosure of the truth and the delivery of justice. Just as we repeated with the announcement of the family and its advocates, which we issued the day before yesterday, on the anniversary of the murder.”

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