Amaliada: Arrest of a woman for illegal gambling


The woman played the role of a “booker” and attracted customers to participate in online games of chance

A woman was arrested, the day before yesterday morning, in Amaliada, by police officers of the Ilida Security Department, against whom a case file was filed for violating the legislation regarding games.

The police officers of the Ilida Security Department carried out a search of the accused’s home, during which they found and confiscated a laptop computer, 1,900 euros, a mobile phone and handwritten notes.

From the preliminary investigation carried out by the police, it emerged that the defendant managed two illegal online gambling websites and, acting as a surrogate person (booker), attracted customers to participate as players in games of chance.

The police officers of the Ilida Security Department are investigating a total of 89 player accounts that were created on illegal online gambling websites.

The arrested woman was taken to the Prosecutor of First Instance of Amaliada and was later released with her lawyer stating that his client has no degree of participation in a criminal act.

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