Did Lavrov announce a new attack on Ukraine? “We will respond to the delivery of Western long-range weapons”


The US was “directly involved in the explosions in the Nord Stream pipelines”, Lavrov also said

New attack in Ukraine the Russian foreign minister appeared to announce Sergey Lavrov in an interview on state television.

Lavrov said that “Russian forces will respond to the delivery of longer-range Western weapons to Kyiv by trying to push Ukrainian forces further from Russia’s borders to create a safe zone.”

“We are now seeking to push back the Ukrainian artillery to a distance where it will not pose a threat to our territories,” Lavrov said. “The longer the range of weapons provided to the Kiev regime, the more we will have to push them out of the territories that are part of our country,” he added.

The Russian foreign minister said everyone wanted an end to the conflict in Ukraine – which Moscow calls a “special military operation” – but that “Western support for Kyiv played an important role in the way Russia approached the campaign”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing a new attack on Ukraine, which may begin in February-March, the Bloomberg agency recently reported citing Kremlin sources.

Nord Stream

The US was “directly involved to the explosions in the Nord Stream pipelines” Lavrov also claimed, without providing any evidence to prove his claims. President Vladimir Putin has previously accused Britain of blowing up the pipelines, which London has denied.

Lavrov also insisted that the West is lying about Russia’s refusal to negotiate over Ukraine, and that the West is “trying to turn Moldova, Georgia and former USSR member states in Central Asia against Moscow.”

Attack on von der Leyen

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West of supporting Ukraine to end “the Russian question” and took particular aim at European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen, who is visiting Kyiv.

Von der Leyen “declared that the result of the war must be the defeat of Russia and such a defeat that it will not rise again for decades,” the Russian minister told Russian state television. “Isn’t this racism, Nazism? and an attempt to resolve the Russian question?’

Lavrov also said Russian forces would respond to the delivery of longer-range Western weapons to Kyiv by trying to push Ukrainian forces further away from the border to create a safe zone.


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