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Lt. Col. Turuchika’s partner is shocked: “He reassured me, he told me “my girl, nothing bad is going to happen””


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“The size of his soul is indescribable, the love, the kindness, the selflessness” states the companion of Lieutenant General Turutsikas

The words of the 29-year-old Lieutenant Mario-Michael Turoutsikas, who lost his life when the Phantom crashed in Andravida, are shocking. “Whatever I say is little, he was my support, he was my friend” he said speaking to Star and the show “Truths with Zina” about the character and morals of the 29-year-old.

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“The size of his soul cannot be described, the love, the kindness, the selflessness. He always supported me like a partner. He adored me, he was protective. If he had an opposing opinion, he always found the right way to convey the meaning he wanted to me. He worked as ‘one’, he never saw each of us as a unit, he saw us together and planning things,” he said.

On how they met he stated: “Through mutual acquaintances we met. I am a pharmacist, I worked in a pharmacy and the husband of the colleague in Andravida was Mario’s colleague and that’s how it happened. Marios was a man who did not often talk about his work, he was not interested in being promoted. He was more aloof from this subject than from promoting his profession. I was interested in his soul and the interest he showed for me in any way. I remember him coming home and calling me “my little girl” and us sleeping together at night. He reassured me about everything, he told me “nothing bad is going to happen”. In all the difficulties he was there.”

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“He was aware of the danger, he was very aware of the School, but he didn’t want to express it and scare us his people. He always reassured us, he told us that I will not suffer anything, I am strong. However, the way he managed us all, and he woke me up every morning, caressed me, kissed me, even if he left at six o’clock in the morning. His manner showed that he was aware of what he was going to do every day,” said Zoe excitedly just before saying the last goodbye to her beloved.

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