Deep sorrow at the funeral of Efstathios Tsitlakides – His parents and fiancee supported – Photos


At 12:00 the exodus sequence is scheduled for the repose of the soul of the deceased pilot and then the burial

The family of 31-year-old squadron leader Efstathios Tsitlakidis, who died tragically in the fall of the F-4 Phantom of the Air Force, in Andravida, last Monday, has been in the Holy Church of Pammegisto Taxiarchon, in the village of Granitis in Drama, for some time now.

His parents and his fiancee, who arrived at the church holding a photo of them, are tragic figures.

The body of the unfortunate group is expected to arrive at the Holy Temple from minute to minute, which will be welcomed by a procession lined up outside the church.

At 12:00 the exit sequence is scheduled and then the burial.

The fiancee of the unfortunate pilot

The President of the Republic Katerina Sakkelaropoulos, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos will be present at the funeral.


SYRIZA will be represented by a delegation consisting of the head of the Defense Department, Thodoris Dritsa, the former head of GEETHA, Christos Christodoulou and the head of the Justice Department Theofilos Xanthopoulos.

The flock’s parents and his fiancee arrived at the church in support, while the girl held a photo of them in her hands.


From very early on Friday, preparations for the ceremony began, with municipal crews cleaning the snow from around the Holy Temple, while there are dozens of wreaths from his parents, brother and grandmother, A.S. Aris which was also his favorite group, from politicians, relatives and friends but also from the family of squadron leader Giorgos Baltadoros, pilot of the fatal Mirage 2000-5, who tragically died after the aircraft crashed in 2018, after an attempt to land.

A tragic detail is the fact that the 31-year-old pilot was preparing his wedding, which is why his family decided during the funeral service to distribute favors and white roses to those present.


The family will distribute favors at the funeral

The precinct of the church has been filled since early morning with wreaths, including that of his family squadron leader Giorgos Baltadorospilot of the ill-fated Mirage 2000-5, who tragically died after the aircraft crashed in 2018, following an attempted landing.

In the meantime, the Municipality of Kato Nevrokopi in its meeting decided:

  • Three days of mourning be declared.
  • Flags should fly at half mast in all Municipal Shops and buildings of the Municipality of Kato Nevrokopi.
  • That the services of the Municipality of Kato Nevrokopi remain closed from 11 am on Friday, February 3, 2023, as a sign of mourning and a minimal tribute to the deceased.
  • To remain closed on Friday, February 3, schools of all grades in the Municipality of Kato Nevrokopi.
  • To lay a wreath in memory of the deceased on behalf of the Municipal Council.
  • To name a main street or a municipal building of the Municipality of Kato Nevrokopi “SMINAGOS EFSTATHIOS TSITLAKIDIS”.

It is recalled that yesterday, Thursday, took place in an atmosphere of suffering the funeral of Phantom’s co-pilot, Mario-Michael Turoutsikawhile by Presidential Decree the two pilots were awarded the rank of vice-captain.

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