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“Green light” for the digital platform for the individual evaluation of teachers – What is provided for in the KYA


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In the first phase, the specific procedure concerns the four regions in which the procedures for the selection and placement of Councilors have been completed (N. Aegean, S. Aegean, Peloponnese and Crete).

Signed today Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministers of Education and Religion and State and Digital Governancewith which it was decided to start operation of the special digital application for carrying out the process of individual evaluation of teachers and members of EEP – EBP.

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The platform in question will be a part of the Unified Digital Portal of the Public Administration, and provides for the electronic registration of biographical data of the evaluators, the intended self-evaluation report, the evaluations of the evaluator after attending the two lessons (as provided by law) , as well as the final evaluation report upon completion of each evaluation cycle.

In addition, through the same application, the teacher will be given the opportunity to submit an objection, in case he disagrees with the final evaluation judgment of his evaluator, as well as to be informed of the progress of his objection, after its examination by the Special Evaluation Committee .

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According to a relevant update from the Ministry of Education, from next week the pairs of assessor-assessed by the Directors of Education will start to be registered on the platform, in order to enable teachers and Education Consultants to have access to the application and start to register information that constitutes an integral part of the process, such as the biographical information of the assessee.

In the first phase, the specific process concerns the four regions in which the selection and placement procedures of the Counselors have been completed (N. Aegean, S. Aegean, Peloponnese and Crete) and starts with the newly appointed teachers, for whom a positive evaluation is a prerequisite permanence.

With the placement of the remaining Education Consultants in the near future, the process will be implemented in the remaining regions as well.

It is recalled that the evaluation focuses on two fields:

a) the teaching and pedagogical work of the teacher, which is specialized in a1) general and special teaching, a2) pedagogical climate and classroom management and b) service consistency and competence.

The evaluation is carried out on the basis of a four-point descriptive scale (“excellent”, “very good”, “satisfactory”, “unsatisfactory” work).


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