Kavala: A teacher and a nurse saved a primary school student who almost choked on his breakfast

Kavala: A teacher and a nurse saved a primary school student who almost choked on his breakfast

The little elementary school student put a big mouthful in his mouth, which resulted in blocking the air intake

Thriller developed in a primary school in Kavala, with a small student collapsing in front of his classmates while eating his breakfast.

Specifically and according to kavalanews.gr, the small primary school student put a large bite in his mouth, which had the effect of blocking the air intake. Then, a teacher and a school nurse took matters into their own hands, at the most difficult time. With composure and the right moves, they managed to save him, with the rest of the children watching with bated breath, the efforts and the unexpected adventure of their classmate.

With his post, a teacher at the school in Kavala, points out that the two women gave life to the little child.

“Often, we teachers are called upon to manage extremely difficult situations in our daily school life in addition to the joy that school offers and the daily contact with children, especially those of us in primary schools who have young children where their care requires a high sense of responsibility .

It is hopeful and important for us that parents also understand the burden of responsibility that we bear. So I can’t help but share an incident that took place last Thursday where one of our little students while eating breakfast put a big mouthful in his mouth at one point, causing it to block the air intake.

With great composure, his teacher as well as our school nurse managed with skillful manipulations to block the air passage and save the child.

Today his mom touched me so much. I saw her hug her child’s teacher and our school nurse tightly, holding a gift for them, while she treated us all to a rich breakfast… I don’t know about you… for me it was the happy news of the day in a gray world and toxic…”.

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