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A total sentence of 37 years was imposed by the Joint Jury on one 53 years oldwho sexually abused his three underage nieceschildren of his two brothers, from 2009 to 2013.

He was found guilty of sexual acts, child abuse and child pornography.

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The court did not recognize any mitigating circumstances for the accused while deciding that his appeal would not have a suspensive effect on the execution of the sentence and thus he was sent to prison. 20 years of the 35 years of his sentence are to be served.

We ran a tavern and were at work all day. We left the child with the grandparents, mostly on the weekend but also on weekdays. The brother also lived there ” the father of one of the three children testified and said that one day his brother showed him a video showing their third brother sexually abusing his minor son.

We didn’t think our brother is a monster. Before we went to the prosecutor, my mother took him and we went to a psychiatrist. He told us that it was a parameter of his illness (he was suffering from alcoholic psychosis).I suspected that the doctor was deceitful but we did not go to the prosecutor so as not to subject the children to a new trial. Years passed. I couldn’t see my child well. He finished the Panhellenic and one evening we drank tsipoura. I told him if you want to file a complaint you have time. The kid opened up. Told me that “he is the devil“, “he is two-faced“. She explained to me that she was sexually abusing him and that she was also taking videos. My parents were leaving the child with the accused. She told him “don’t say it anywhere, I’ll get you chocolates“. Then I found out about my nieces too…” said the witness.

“My nephew reacted. My daughter-in-law told us to get the cell phone and we saw what was happening. I threatened him to tell me everything but he only admitted the lies. I never went back to my parents’ house. I felt they wanted to hide it under the carpet and protect their son,” he pointed out.

In his plea, the accused accepted his actions. “I regret it, I apologize. I kept the videos on my mobile phone. I had shown some photos to a colleague we worked with in the taxi. Then I deleted them. I don’t remember showing him adult porn. I was being monitored by a psychiatrist and I was taking pills. When I was young I was hit by a car and suffered a head injury. I have thought about what I have done and I regret it. I was ashamed to call my brothers and my nieces and nephews to say sorry. After 2013 I have nothing to do with minors. I took pictures in the secret places. I probably did because I wasn’t taking the pills. I did it for the first time in 2009, at the age of 40 “.

The district attorney Argyri Kotina asked for the 53-year-old’s guilt, according to the indictment. “He unleashed his sick instincts on the bodies of small children. The parents stopped the complaint. When he came of age, in 2021, the child unlocked his soul to his father. He described this nightmare he was experiencing. He was the wolf that was put to guard the sheep. That’s the only way I can describe him” said, among other things, the public prosecutor’s office during her trial.