An incredible incident occurred in Chalkida, with a man around 30-35 pretending to be a witness in a trial, to avoid arrest.

It may look like something out of a movie, but the incident that took place in Chalkida is real and happened on Thursday, February 23.

In more detail, a man aged 30-35 stole a mobile phone from a store, but unfortunately he was noticed by the owner of the phone, as a result of which they took him to the police to catch him and get the phone back, so the thief who arrived at the Courts, entered and impersonated the witness at trial in order to escape arrest.

However, the owner of the mobile through another device activated the phone’s tracking system, which in addition to the exact location of the device also activates an alarm on the phone

This is how they managed to locate the phone inside the Courthouse and arrested the perpetrator who was in the courtroom.

A case file was filed against him for theft by self-incrimination and the man was taken to the competent prosecutor.