In a ridiculously incredible revelation starring a former PASOK minister who testifies to the chronic malfunctions of the country’s railway system, he revealed today speaking to SKAI and the show “Mismatches” Nikos Tsouridis, retired train driver instructor.

As he revealed, a former PASOK minister asked to take a brand new wagon that the Swiss had sent to his… village for his voters to see and to start his election campaign.

The retired train driver instructor said: “If anyone listens to me, they will say he is a new democrat, in SYRIZA or KKE. Nothing to do with. I was PASOK, I was seconded to the Hellenic Parliament in the office of the Minister of Shipping – under Andreas Papandreou – Antonis Dentidakis. In 2004, I was on the committee that received the new Swiss Railbus trains for the Peloponnese. The general manager calls us and tells us that a minister of PASOK had given an order to take the new wagon to his village so that he could campaign.”

Continuing, Mr. Tsouridis said that there “ehe had a 5 kilometer line, he said he would make a line in his village”. THE retired train driver instructor did not reveal which minister it was but revealed that the route was “from Antirrio to Messolonghi, in Krioneri in particular. In Etoloakarnania. Brand new wagon on gels, on special platforms and shouted the Swiss that they would withdraw the guarantees because the train was in the fields. And all this transportation of the wagon had a whole process behind it, a guard guarding it on a 24-hour basistrain drivers to put it forward every day, expensesto pay out-of-base benefits, etc.”

He also explained that “these trains had a peculiarity. To put them in front, the driver had to warm up. They had a system like a water heater. Because the engine water temps were low he had to run it, get it to 60 degrees and then go ahead. It required 380 volts of current. We have sent children from Patras, colleagues, to see what you will do. They call me and tell me that in order to get electricity we have to run a cable a kilometer away to a gas station. We went to the man, he gave us electricity. Every day this happened. They did 50 meters forward, 10 meters back and left. We also had a security guard 24 hours a day so they wouldn’t break it. Once they call me and tell me we don’t have electricity. The gas man had pulled the plug because he hadn’t been paid. This process was taking place.»

Mr. Tsouridis continued by saying that “the elections are taking place, the minister loses, the wagon there, heavy, for six months. The grasses ate it. Do you know how much it cost to take the wagon from there to Kalamata? Six million drachmas (approx. 17,000 euros) to get this minister out! The 6 million could be given for the remote control” explained Mr. Tsouridis.