Opening of schools with more self tests- When will the classes close- On Tuesday the announcements


The government is in a fever of processes, holding continuous meetings for the upcoming opening of schools on Monday, January 10, as well as the next measures to deal with the pandemic.

The government insists that schools will open normally, as is the case in other countries, even in those where stricter measures have been taken to address the Omicron mutation. However, for the safe resumption of schools at the table of the Maximos Palace, the scenario has been set for a rapid test for all students, although according to the latest information, it seems to be “receding”.

At the same time, the self-tests that are performed weekly on students are expected to increase from two to three, while the tightening of the protocols regarding when a department will close depending on the number of cases is being examined. Specifically, the main scenario discussed by the government is for the departments to close when 30% + 1 of the students are infected with coronavirus compared to the current 50% + 1, while in case of a case all the students will be tested and not only the close contacts.

The committee of experts of the Ministry of Health will meet tomorrow at 2 pm, in order to assess the epidemiological situation and to suggest the opening of the schools. Immediately after the end of the meeting, the Ministers of Health Thanos Plevris and Education Niki Kerameos will make statements.

In the meantime, next week two crucial issues will be raised, concerning the compulsory vaccination of citizens from 50 to 60 years old, but also the expiration of the vaccination certificate at 7 months for all citizens over 18 years of age who have not done the third dose of the vaccine.

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