The three “young and heroic passengers” of the fatal Intercity train, Andreas Alikaniotis, Michalis Clapsi and Angelos Tsiamouras, will be awarded the “Nikolaou Karolou” Prize of the 3rd Class of Ethics and Political Sciences, for an act or action of social virtue and benevolence, the Academy of Athens.

The three boys will be honored for showing “a sense of altruism and solidarity to the highest degree, despite being injured themselves.

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They spontaneously came to the aid of their helpless, much more seriously injured co-passengers, literally saving their lives during the train tragedy in Tempi that shocked Panhellenium, on February 28, 2023″ as stated in the announcement.

As the leading intellectual institution of the country clarifies, during its Solemn Session to celebrate the Anniversary of March 25, 1821, which will be broadcast live on Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. from the website of the Academy of Athens, in the person of the three young “honored , of course, and all those who acted accordingly, but unfortunately their names did not become known, as well as those who participated in the touching pandemic, on the spot, blood donation for the many injured due to the railway tragedy, who were in immediate need of large quantities of blood” .

The ceremony will be broadcast live through the following link:

At the Session, the keynote speech on “Paligenesis, Language, Diaspora” will be delivered by Academician Alexandros Nehamas. The Excellence in Positive Sciences for the year 2023 will then be awarded to Phoebe Kountouri, Professor of Environmental Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business, for her contribution to the advancement of Marine Environmental Science. Finally, the announcement of the Excellence in Letters for the year 2024 will be announced.