“DYPA Career Days” became in just 1.5 years a new institution, which “traveled” all over Greece, bringing tens of thousands of citizens who are looking for stable and quality jobs in direct contact with hundreds of the most dynamic medium and large companies who are looking for the right staff for the jobs they create in many sectors of economic activity.

The Public Employment Service (DYPA), responding to the real needs of the economy, is now launching a new cycle of events aimed at quickly covering large needs for personnel in specific sectors of the economy.

These targeted events kick off with ‘Tourism Career Days’ this weekend March 18-19, 2023 at the exhibition center Helexpo (39 Kifisias Ave., Maroussi), from 10:00 to 18:00, as there is a very high demand for staff and businesses are having great difficulty filling the thousands of vacancies in an industry that has recovered very strongly, post-pandemic.

In this way, the event will provide the opportunity for job seekers and those interested in finding a job in the tourism and hospitality sectors to come into direct contact and chat, without a pre-arranged appointment, with the representatives of the respective companies looking for staff.

120 companies participate in the event, with more than 7,000 jobs in hotel units, travel and shipping agencies, car rental businesses, restaurants, airport services, etc.

These are companies that operate all over Greece, particularly in Attica and in island regions, with a higher demand in the Aegean and Ionian islands, as well as in Crete and Evia.

The jobs involve various specialties and levels of expertise.

The qualifications required vary and cover a wide range of formal and informal knowledge and skills.

Entry to the event is free for everyone and the declaration of interest can be found at: https://www.eventora.com/el/Events/imera-karieras-dypa-athina-tourismos-2023.

During the two days, workshops will also be organized, in which specialized employment advisors of DYPA will provide advice on creating an effective CV, preparing a professional interview and professional social media. Participation in the workshops is free, with the only condition being on-site registration, while priority order will be respected.

A presentation on “Career Opportunities in Tourism” will also be organized on Saturday, with the participation of human resources (HR) executives and representatives of large companies, after which a discussion with the audience will follow.

Also, throughout the two days, executives of the Service Unit for Medium and Large Enterprises (MEMME) will provide advice on the CV and information on the participating enterprises, as well as on the actions and programs of DYPA.

Speaking to APE-MBE, the commander of the DYPA, Spyros Protopsaltis, states that this organization follows the interventions of the Public Employment Service aimed at the continuous and effective support of the unemployed, workers and businesses in the tourism sector, such as the highly enhanced social welfare program tourism, which provides 300,000 checks for up to 12 nights and which, for the first time, now also covers ferry tickets, as well as reduced to zero private participation for beneficiaries and increased subsidized prices for participating businesses.

In addition, MEMME executives provide direct staff finding and pre-selection services to companies in the sector, through the nationwide network of employment consultants of the 116 Employment Promotion Centers (KPA2), which also collaborate with local tourism businesses and agencies.

At the same time, Mr. Protopsaltis points out that the organization of the two-day “Tourism Career Days”, just before the start of the tourist season, is another initiative for the practical support of the unemployed, workers and businesses in the sector.

“Our aim is to strengthen the coupling of supply and demand, through our mediating role in the labor market and to contribute to alleviating the problem of staff shortages, which is also present this year in this sector. By bringing together those looking for work with those looking for staff, we create the right conditions and opportunities to fill vacancies. These events are another tool in our effort to continue reducing unemployment and increasing employment”, emphasizes the DYPA commander.