The large project of upgrading the city’s sidewalks is underway by the Municipality of Athens, which is gradually changing the neighborhoods and creating better conditions for the safety and comfort of pedestrians. This is an intervention that “spreads” to all seven municipal communities of the capital, with a budget of 24 million euros. This includes the restoration, maintenance and repair of the sidewalks of Athens.

Within three years, the Municipality of Athens has reconstructed sidewalks in the center and the neighborhoods of the city, with a total area of ​​74,062 m2, an area that covers 11 times the Olympic Stadium (OAKA).

Today, the project is being carried out -simultaneously- on several fronts in the city.

“After many years, Athens is gradually acquiring new, upgraded sidewalks. We continue street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood until we complete the project in the entire city”, stressed the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis.

Streets with upgraded sidewalks

New and modern sidewalks have been created, among others, on the following main streets: Filellino, Favierou, Sina, Marasli, Acominato, Kriezotou, Karneadou, Roubesi, Lagoumitzi, Eurydamantos, Pyrras, Amphipolis, Ios, Orphanidou, Plataion, Alcmeni, Marathonomacho, Epidaurus , Vikela, Fokas, Syracuse, Kios, Corfu, Agios Meletios, Parasiou, Louise Riancourt, Sphingos, Gennaiou Kolokotronis, Diligianni.

The technical services of the Municipality of Athens, during the reconstruction work, restore pavements that either show natural damage – aging of materials, weather conditions, wear and tear of materials from use – or were damaged by bad techniques of previous interventions (Public Welfare Organizations, etc.).

“The reconstruction of the sidewalks in the center and the neighborhoods is another piece in the puzzle of the projects we are implementing, with the aim of radically changing the image of the city. Athens, now, respects its residents and visitors, modernizes its infrastructure and becomes friendly, accessible and open to all citizens”, says the Deputy Mayor of Urban and Building Infrastructure and City Planning, Vassilis Axiotis.


Provision for the disabled and prams

At the same time, the Municipality of Athens is carrying out maintenance and restoration works, creating ramps for the disabled, where they did not exist, with the aim of facilitating both people in wheelchairs and parents carrying their children in strollers.

It is noted that the reconstruction of the sidewalks is done using cold materials, with the aim of dealing with the heat island phenomenon, during the summer months.