The climate for Tayyip Erdogan is negative, according to what the Turkish press writes.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, the Turkish press analyzes the situation in the country and in its report the newspaper “Korkusuz” shows that with one hour of work in Turkey someone can buy 15 eggs, while in Germany, with one hour of work you can buy 2 liters of milk, 18 eggs , 600 grams of minced meat and a kilo of bananas. The report concludes: “No more lies. We envy Europe”.

“The ship is sinking” – the opposition is 9 points ahead

At the same time, the newspaper Bir Gun mentions in its headline that “The ship is sinking and we are looking for passengers in the government faction” on the occasion of another blow received by Tayyip Erdogan.

The Turkish president had in his plans to bring back, if re-elected, to the country’s finance ministry a man who left a positive mark in the past and he is none other than Mehmet Simcek. However, during the meeting between the two men yesterday, Simcek denied Erdogan the position, which is a big blow for the country’s president.

At the same time, the newspaper, in a poll it hosts, gives a 9-point lead to Kilintsaroglou, who gathers 54.23%, while Erdogan has 45.77.

The background to the meeting Dendias – Tsavousoglou

Regarding the warm meeting between Nikos Dendias and Mevlut Cavusoglu, Manolis Kostidis explained that the first steps towards the normalization of relations between the two countries took place last December in Brussels in Kalin-Bura meeting.

He also predicted that this climate is expected to be maintained until the elections and we don’t know about after that since it is unknown if Dendias and Cavusoglu will be in their positions.

The important thing, as he observed, is that Turkey is slowly coming to Greece’s line and this can be seen in the statements of Cavusoglu who completely forgot what he said about the Turkish-Libyan memorandum and said that “when Egypt agreed with Greece, it respected the borders of our continental shelf »
In the last ten years when Greece had signed agreements with Israel and Egypt, Turkey tried to show that it is a superpower and avoided such agreements. Little by little we see that it is changing in them.

Turkey cannot be alone in a region that is allied with Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt, commented Manolis Kostidis.

CNN Turk: They will militarize the islands in the Aegean and this is illegal

At the same time, the Turkish media, however, continue to analyze Greece’s armament programs, stating that armored vehicles will arm the islands, “a fact that is illegal”.

In its report, CNN Turk states: “Greece in 2022, through the US State Department, requested the purchase of amphibious armored vehicles. Congress authorized the sale of these vehicles. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs will pay 286 million dollars. According to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these vehicles will increase NATO’s security strategy in the Aegean. The announcement states that hundreds of armored vehicles were purchased as well as 65 amphibious assault armored vehicles.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias claimed that this purchase will not create strategic problems with Turkey. But these vehicles will be transported to the Greek islands. But the militarization of the islands is illegal. Like Greece’s claim that the islands have a continental shelf and territorial waters of 12 miles, it receives criticism from the point of view of international law.